Snow Removal

Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Municipal

Personalized Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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    Personalilzed Plan

    Before the first snow hits we will put together a specific plan that takes into consideration your hours of operation, snow placement needs and potential traffic issues surrounding our service.

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    Seasonal Contract

    Brien's Seravices sets a limit on the number of seasonal snow contracts offered each snow season.  Our goal is to offer complete service to our customers. 

    By limiting the number of our committed contracts you can be confident that your snow will be removed as promised, every time.

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    Snow Removal

    No matter the size of your snow clearing need, we will set up a personalized service package designed to fit your needs. 

    Snow removal covers the process of clearing walkways around buildings, in front of homes and throughout multi-family communities.  We will use the appropriate equipment for the size of your job.

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    Snow Shoveling & Snow Blowing

    We understand that you contract our service to ensure safety on your property.  Brien's takes your goal seriously and always offers high caliber service to every client from the smallest residential need to the largest parking lot.
    We willingly pick up a shovel when necessary to clean out all the areas that might compromise the safety to people on your property.  Our crew not only shovels walkways, but will shovel out your path to your oil tank, mailbox, stairs, decks, porches and other paths you may need to travel.

  • 001 Tank Truck
    De-Icing Options
    Sometimes a client has a preference on de-icing options.  Before we come out to plow or finalize your seasonal package we will discuss de-icing.  We use:
    • Salt
    • Calcium Chloride
    • Liquid De-icer
    • Sand

    Depending on the type of surface that the de-icing agent will touch we will recommend which option or options to utilize.

Snow Plowing

We own the necessary equipment to clear parking lots of all sizes and access roads.  Examples of lots we are able to service include:

Retail shopping centers
Strip malls
Corporate office building
Industrial properties

Institutional facilities
Healthcare facilities
Large parking area
Sports complexes

Condo complexes
Gas stations

Snow Stats: Plan for 42" - 50" snow each season.













Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Briens has insurance protection in case there is any accident tied to our service.

Briens welcomes the opportunity to refer you to our satisfied clients for their oral testimony.

Yes, all services are performed by Brien's Services employees.  We do not sub-contract any projects.

We plan for both weather emergencies and equipment failure emergencies.  If we commit to snow removal at a specific time, it will get done at that time.  Period.

Brien's assess your needs and will apply the correct product, whether it be salt, calcium chloride, liquid de-icer, or sand.

We offer a custom flat rate for customers who sign up for a season package.  No matter your need, Brien's snow removal is competitive and reliable.

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

Snow and Ice Management Association Member

Not everyone with a snow plow can claim to be a member of SIMA.  Only those who pass their tough 6 hour exam covering snow science, snow mechanics; as well as important topics of running a snow and ice management business can proudly display this logo.