Lawn Maintenance


Keeping the Value of Your Home Property at its Highest Possible

A well kept lawn does wonders for the appearance of a home owner’s property.  Unfortunately, a beautiful lawn takes significant attention and hands on time to achieve.  Since 1981, Brien’s Services has brought out the best in lawns throughout the Huron Valley area, and beyond. 
We care for a wide variety of lawns.  You’ll see our trucks everywhere from the most upscale homes in the area to our older, more traditional neighborhoods.  We are experts in maintaining all grass types and understand how to make your lawn enhance your property, no matter the square footage.

Timely Mowing of All Turf Areas


When it comes to grass, the timing of when to cut your grass is incredibly important for grass health and property appearance.   Since Mother Nature does not hold to a schedule of rain, we pride ourselves on our professionalism to cut grass when IT is ready, not the day of the week.

Depending on the type of grass on your property, we will set up an expected schedule of cutting.  Then, we educate all our customers on the proper grass height for their lawn.  If more or less rain occurs, we allow our customers to reschedule their grass cutting service to accommodate their lawns current conditions.


Manicured Sidewalk and Driveway Edges


As a home owner that takes pride in your property’s appearance, you know that a manicured edge along your sidewalks and driveway is a required finishing touch.  We at Brien’s Services understand this as well. 

As experts in lawn maintenance service, we include the edging service to all walkways and driveways as part of your lawn maintenance service.
We perform blade sharpening maintenance on all our edgers throughout the cutting season to ensure that your lawn’s edges are crisp and clean.  They will never suffer the ripped look a dull blade can inflict.

Blowing Grass Clipping and Other Debris Off Walkways


While it may seem obvious that a lawn maintenance company should clean up after themselves, it is a sad reality that this is not always a standard service option.

Our clients utilize a number of surfaces in their landscape design. Since concrete, mulch, gravel, pavers and other surfaces besides grass are used on most properties, Brien's Service uses gas powered leaf blowers to provide the cleanest lawn appearance possible. Not only tidy, the use of gas blowers has the additional benefit of minimizing the damage to newly installed plants and flowers when removing lawn debris.


Picking Up Loose Debris Before Mowing


Our mowing machines are powerful. While our clients may not be concerned about machine or operator safety since they are paying for a service; they do care about the missing tennis shoe, dog toy or pet rock collection that got left out on the lawn on mowing day.

We take the time to walk the lawn looking for any loose debris before we start our machines. Since 1981, Brien's Services has saved countless precious-to-our-kids items by performing this quick, yet appreciated service.


Serving Oakland and Livingston Counties


We serve the following areas and everywhere in-between: 

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